The born of Mobile Learning

Mobile is revolutionizing eLearning.
The proliferation of mobile devices is changing many aspects of our lives, from how we work and communicate to how we learn. In fact, the rise of smart devices such as cell phones and tablets has sparked a mobile learning revolution. And there is ample evidence that mobile platforms support quality eLearning experiences, revealing a plethora of mobile learning benefits.

We develop the first mobile services platform to connect professional English language teachers and the learners who are seeking for native English teachers’ assistance for their writing needs. The platform provides several affordances, you can edit the sentences or write on a piece of paper and snap a photo to reply.

To promote the ideas and to study the feasibility of the services, E-Learn Dot Com started the services in Hong Kong by providing the learning services to public and inviting them to come to the centre to attend the class once a week. The objective is to inform them the benefits of the platform and at the same time understand from them the benefits of linking them to the teachers with a very competitive fee.

To take the challenge further, E-Learn Dot Com has also promoted the platform to invite the learning centres, Private and personal tutors to look into putting the content in the platform and monitor their students with our platform. The regular seminars will also be conducted in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore to promote the ideas.