10 story themes and 40 toys

“Our five senses” – to differentiate the roughness of each material.

“Light and shadow” – to define the animals and their positions according to the shadows’ shape.

“Human features” – to investigate the fingerprints of human beings.

“Shapes and colours” – to make lollipops in the shapes you wish to make.

“Living and non-living things” – to observe the growth and changes in a living organism.

“Healthy diet” – to identify healthy food in our daily lives and introduce it to others.

“Sound” – to hear the sound of a heartbeat using a stethoscope.

“Animal kingdom” – identify what different animals have covering their bodies.

“States of matter” – to observe the “loss” (evaporate) of rubbing alcohol (liquid) in order to experience the evaporation from liquid state into gas state.

“Energy” – to transform chemical energy (battery) into kinetic energy and light energy.

“Plants” – to learn how to plant and watch the plant as it grows.

“Animal reproduction” – to observe and experience the egg hatching process.

“Mixing colours” – to find out and observe the result of mixing two colours.

“Food chains” – to identify and differentiate plant-eaters and meat-eaters.

“Insects” – to identify and name the insect.

“Electricity” – to experience the electricity in a circuit and to find out which of the materials are a conductor and non-conductor.

“Float and sink in water” – to determine whether various objects sink or float in water.

“Force” – understand the driving force conversion.

“Homes of animals” – to prove the importance of water type to sea creatures.

“Magnet” – to move an object by applying the theory of magnetic.

“Recycling” – to create and process something useful using unwanted items.

“Measurement” – explore the concept of measurement (weight).

“Paper” – to learn how to create new paper from used paper.

“People and living things” – to discover the beauty of a coral reef.