How we began?

Out-Reach Programme

We began by providing computer application courses for school children and working adults in a computer learning centre. After operating for a year, in 1997, there were many schools and kindergartens looking for computer courses. However, they were not able to come to the computer centre. To grab the emerging opportunity, we decided to move the computer to schools and kindergartens instead.

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To make the cost affordable for the school children, we mobilised the computers around every day. We started with the delivery team. The team would then move the computers to the vans and fixed the computers at the schools and kindergartens once a week. And after the computer lessons, they would remove the computers and sent to another schools and kindergartens on the following day. With the new business model, the company was able to generate a good revenue and served up to 100 schools and kindergartens within a short period of time.

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