Mobi Learning designs learning content in simple and short lessons that leverage various digital functionalities and the convenience of ubiquity computing with your mobile devices. It is designed with offline capabilities. The course material can then sync to the online system once connectivity is re-established. We apply the strategy that centres on creating more impact through ‘learning’ by making it: short lessons with a single learning objective, available just-in-time, right in the workflow and get people to immediately apply what they learn.

Learning Management System

We offer a centralised source of learning system for you to learn ubiquitously when you are on the go, i.e. you can look for the type of knowledge you would lie to pursue, and we will link you to an appropriate course designed by experts in the field. We will then monitor your needs along your learning journey and help you to arrange for face-to-face sessions (some courses do not offer the service) when the needs arise or we will get the field experts to facilitate you with the feedbacks as you learn and making sure you achieve your target goal.


They are lifelong learner. They embrace active learning styles in their learning endeavours. They learn how to look for information and seek for the answers/solutions for the problems they encountered. They decide when and where to learn. They monitor their own learning paces and they communicate their performance with their community.